Lodge Matching Funds Grants

Every community is different and every lodge sees different needs in their community. The TMCF is committed to helping your lodge meet the needs in your community. Beginning in the fall of 2010, TMCF is accepting applications for matching grants to fund local needs.

The program works like this. A lodge commits to some qualifying cause. Lodge members may pass the hat, vote funds from the lodge treasury, or hold a fundraiser of some sort. The lodge then reports the event, tells how much they have raised, and requests a matching grant. When the check from the TMCF is received, the lodges deposits the money and writes one check for the entire amount.

An example might be a volunteer fire department trying to raise money to purchase a special piece of equipment and asking the community to help. The local lodge votes to participate in the project and holds a pancake supper to raise funds. The lodge then submits a grant application to TMCF. Upon approval the lodge receives a check from TMCF, deposits the check and writes one check for the entire amount to the fire department.

At present there are no set amounts for matching community grants since this is a new program and Lodges are encouraged to communicate with TMCF to insure that projects meet our requirements.